Foodie Friday #1

So when I put some serious thought into starting a blog, Foodie Friday was one of the first things I thought of since I’m not currently teaching.  So here’s my first Foodie Friday post.  I went to Tulane University for both undergrad and grad school.  It was an absolutely amazing experience (the FOOD, the culture, the academics, the FOOD, the festivals, the FOOD, the sense of community, the love-hate relationship with Mother Nature, the FOOD) and I was lucky enough to meet my husband there.  Well, fast forward to 2009.  We were engaged and he was in C-21 training with the Air Force (right now he flies the C-5 though) in Biloxi, MS.  We drove to his family’s house in New Orleans one weekend for a crawfish boil (cue epic drooling now).  My dad and stepmom were able to fly down from NY for it (I went away to college, my husband stayed home for college, it worked out great for us!) and we had a weekend that made our taste buds explode.  My father-in-law used a canoe oar to stir the amazingness in the crawfish boil pot (crawfish, potatoes, garlic, artichokes, corn, mushrooms, seasonings) and about 20 of us (what’s a crawfish boil without extended family and neighbors) ate and enjoyed some adult beverages and kept eating until I had to unbutton my pants and put on an oversized t-shirt so I didn’t have to keep sucking in my stomach.


Stirring the pot!

It was one of the best weekends in terms of food I’ve ever had, largely because of the memories of laughing and sharing stories that come to the forefront when I see pictures from that weekend.  My dad still tells stories of the crawfish being stirred with a canoe paddle (or kayak paddle, but you get the idea) and here it is 6 years later.  If that’s not indicative of a great food weekend then I don’t know what is!

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