Foodie Friday #3: The Best Biscuits EVER!

I love bread and biscuits.  I have been known to eat bread and olive oil with a sprinkle of salt for dinner and nothing else.  The problem is I’m not motivated enough to make bread or biscuits on my own, and sometimes I’m too lazy (or don’t have time) to run to the supermarket for the good homemade kind.  So when I saw a crazy easy biscuit recipe on Pinterest I figured what the heck, I already have all the ingredients, I might as well try it.

pinterest success

this isn’t how mine look, these are how they look on pinterest

Well let me tell you, these are the BEST biscuits I have ever made on my own!  It is 2C Bisquick, 1/2C sprite or 7-up, and 1/2C sour cream, 1/4 stick melted butter, and a pan to cook it in (pyrex works great, and I’ve used round, square, and rectangle).  Here’s where I put my own spin on it.  After mixing up the batter, I don’t waste time and energy making nice little biscuit shaped biscuits in the pan.  I just scoop the batter out of the bowl and spread it out in the pan as if it were brownie mix.  (I also use a 1/2C melted butter).  You bake it at 450 till the top is as brown as you want it (maybe some people like drier biscuits, I don’t know, but I usually bake mine for 11-12 minutes in a medium sized pyrex…maybe it’s 8×11?) and then you eat as much of it as you can while it’s still hot.

I make these probably twice a month and they last us about 2 meals and a snack.  It’s also so easy that it’s a good go-to to add food to the table if you have someone over for dinner at the last minute.  The bad thing about them is that since I do add the extra butter I have to eat them with a fork when I’m grading papers.  I don’t need to hand something back to a student with grease stains on it.

Try these once and you’ll be hooked…they’re soooooo easy and SO freaking good!!!
Click HERE for the original recipe from Plain Chicken’s blog.

2 cups Bisquick
1/2 cup 7-Up or Sprite
1/2 cup sour cream
1/4 or 1/2 stick butter melted in the pan

form biscuits and put in pan (or just spread the batter out and cut pieces out later), bake at 450 till it’s done to your liking, probably 10-15 minutes…eat and ENJOY!

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