Foodie Friday #5 Waffle Sliders

waffle sliders

waffle sliders

Summer is winding down, so that means we’re fitting in as many last minute family outings as possible.  There’s a super cute little town about 20 minutes from where we live right on the water.  It’s full of mom and pop eateries, independent shops, festivals, and parks.  First St. Cafe is one of our favorite places to have brunch in this town.  It has outdoor seating which is great with our 18 mo old daughter.  She’s in the obsessed with dogs phase so sitting outside she can ogle all the “woof-woofs” that go by, and it keeps her sitting at the table longer than were we to sit inside.

As many times as we’ve been there, I’ve somehow never discovered the amazingness that is their waffle sliders!  Belgian waffles, sausage, eggs, pepper jack cheese, and optional dipping syrup.  It was such an outstanding combination of flavors I didn’t even need the syrup!  If I were motivated enough, I’d invest in a waffle maker, learn how to make sausage (they of course use homemade sausage there), and recreate this at home every weekend!  Since I’m not that motivated, we’ll just be making more trips to First St. Cafe, because these sliders NEED to be eaten more than just once.  Well this was short sweet and to the point.  Waffle sliders=deliciousness!!!

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