Foodie Friday #6–Holiday Food

It’s been a while since I wrote a foodie Friday post so I figured one about holiday food is a great way to bring it back!  Growing up Greek, one of the things I looked forward to more than anything else each holiday was the food!!!  I had my favorite dish that each relative made, and since some of them were “holiday only” foods I got more and more excited for them the closer we got to each holiday.  One dish I especially looked forward to every year is something I had never had until meeting my stepmom’s family.  Her one aunt makes what is called chestnut stuffing, but is a side dish, and is ground meat and chopped chestnuts (and wine, chicken broth, cinnamon, and other delicious add ins).  I have the recipe, I’ve made it each year now that we don’t live near family, but for some reason I only make it for Thanksgiving because that’s what I was used to growing up.  I’ve never made it for Christmas or for any random dinner during the year.  It’s weird, because as much as I love the dish, I think it would be strange to eat it on a Tuesday night in April.

I love baking, I really do, and I have a few go to holiday desserts that I always make, but I’m also a gigantic fan of Tate’s Bakeshop (no affiliation other than I happily order desserts from them each Thanksgiving and Christmas).  We always get their pecan pie, chocolate chip cookie pie, and sour cream coffee cake, and this year we also tried their crumb squares and pecan squares.  Thankfully our local “fancy” supermarket sells Tate’s chocolate chip cookies (BEYOND amazing) so we eat have those year round.  Well, like with everything else we’ve ever had from Tate’s, the squares did NOT disappoint.  I felt a little bad for not making German Chocolate Cake or my husband’s family’s “goosey cake”–though I had made it for Thanksgiving–but sometimes it’s worth it if you spend a little money and save a little sanity, especially when the end result is guaranteed to be as delicious as Tate’s is.  Luckily for my husband, his birthday is in a couple of weeks and I will make a German Chocolate Cake then–I’m sure he’ll be happier getting it then rather than at Christmas, he won’t have to share it with anyone 🙂

I hope you all enjoy your favorite holiday dishes this year too!!!

holiday deliciousness!

holiday deliciousness!

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  1. Stephanie my best friend and next door neighbor growing up was Greek. When you mentioned Greek holiday food I had sudden images of incredibly red eggs each Easter! My very favorite was always the large cube of feta cheese they had on a plate covered in plastic in their fridge – Tammy and I chunks of it year round, and I always have feta in my fridge now too. 🙂 Thank you for bringing back great memories!


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