I’m a 30-something who LOVES teaching history. It’s not even so much the teaching history part I love, I love figuring out ways to get students excited about history, understanding its relevance to their lives, and helping them become responsible world citizens because let’s be real, I’ll be in a nursing home one day and they’ll be trying to run the world. I want them to be prepared for that responsibility.

I either am teaching or have taught: high school World History and Honors US History, Medieval History in a mixed 9-12 class, World Geography to freshmen and a few years later to 6th graders, 7th grade Texas History, 8th grade US History, and I also spent a year teaching middle school Geography and high school Music Theory (really the history of the world through music) in a home school co-op.  My dream job is to design and teach junior and senior history electives, preferably on World War 1, the rise of European dictators, World War 2, and the Holocaust.

Reading is my absolute favorite thing to do, followed closely by traveling and eating. I can be reached at stephanieshistorystore@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!

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