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  1. Oh, these are all such fun ideas: they really get my juices going! I start becoming the kid in your classroom, responding to the ideas that you suggest. 🙂 I work with younger kids in history, and so I when I introduce a topic, I try to think of ways to engage the senses. Can I make something from the era for them to taste? How about music from the era to listen in on? Maybe an actual item, like a loom or a horn used to hold gun powder could be used to start a conversation. History is definitely my favorite subject!


  2. Great ideas for engaging your students in History! I especially like how you have prompts to get them thinking like they are in a certain time period. Makes me wish I was in your class!


  3. Some really great ideas for history class – I love making it more i interactive and making the students think. I’ve always been a fan of ‘role play’ or ‘in-situ’ kinds of activities. I think it really makes the students think more.


  4. While I don’t teach Social Studies anymore, I do teach literature. I love using images for a preview of a text or time period- 1920s for Gatsby, Depression for Of Mice and Men, etc. I would love to combine all three of your ideas into one lesson preview day!


    • Thank you so much Greg! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to keep this as updated as I’d like but I have a whole list of post ideas waiting to be written…with any luck I’ll have some time this summer to whittle that to-do list down a bit 🙂

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