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  1. This sounds awesome! I will try it with my seventh graders for their next review. I did something similar with my sixth graders in Texas History at the beginning of a unit. I played two truths and a lie. Each student randomly selected one of five Texas heroes of the revolution. Going through the chapter, the student had to write two truths and a lie about the hero onto an index card. Overnight, I checked all the cards to make sure of the statements. The next day, I posted all of the cards around the room grouped by hero. (Since I had 25 students, we had 5 cards for each hero… having multiple cards with some overlapping statements I think was good.) The students had an answer sheet to write which statement was the lie for each card. The top three got a little prize. (So fun that our temporary student from Spain got one of the prizes… he chose a pen with an American flag design,)


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