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  1. Sounds like a great idea and I’ll try it this week. I was wondering if you had a variant version where each team has one marker and you make the same columns for different topics but the students can write in any column? I’m just thinking for end of the year review and while there is competition to put up the most terms/phrases, etc. but the students can also all help each other fill in all columns.


    • I hope your kids enjoy it Jason! I haven’t tried it like that but I think it’s a great idea, and would make it a more even playing field especially if some topics are smaller than others, I’ll have to try that out this coming year.


  2. I played this game with my sixth grade Texas History students and my 7th grade U.S. History students this morning. The 6th graders liked it, but the 7th graders *loved* it. It was a good way to question the students about items I thought were most important, asking the student who wrote down the word to tell a bit more about it. I think all the running helped release some of the tension building up to semester exams starting tomorrow! Thank you again.


  3. I LOVE THESE IDEAS! I have two main games that I rotate during the year that my students REALLY love. One is called “Hotseat!” (adapted from my high school history teacher years ago!) and the other is called “Kings & Queens”.

    Hotseat involves student teams and rapid-fire questions related to the unit. SUPER fun and high energy!

    Kings and Queens involves students creating mini-tests ahead of time, then trying to stump one another as they sit in the front of the classroom on a “throne”. A slower-paced game but still fun and always one of my students’ favorites.

    If you (or anyone else reading this) is interested in checking them out, I’ll link them below.



    Thanks for this great post!



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