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Finally pulled the trigger!

Well, after what was probably way too much internal debating and asking for outside opinions, I finally started a blog.  At first my thought process was since I don’t have a classroom right now, what would I write about?!  Well, my fellow TpT’ers shared the types of things they blog about without being in a classroom and I realized I have something to offer to the virtual world too!  I enjoy eating and baking, I have tons of books I can rave about (or discourage someone from thinking about reading), I have a husband, a daughter (plenty of material right there), we enjoy traveling, and I can certainly talk about prior classroom experiences (and the summer job hunt isn’t over yet, I might still end up working in the fall).   I have a feeling this is going to be a ride for who ever finds themselves reading this on a regular basis.  I can totally see myself writing as I think, so at times this might seem like the written version of verbal diarrhea, but you’ll get a feel for who I am so I figure it’ll work.  Anyway, happy Thursday!

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  1. i just wanted you to now that someone is a reader. You have a good voice so keep going. I am sure you will be successful. I started a wordpress blog in 2012 and i am still going. It is a community of sorts. My advice is to visit similar sites as yours and make comments. People will follow you from there and you will learn rom them.


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