Traveling Tuesdays: Germany

Well in honor of it being my 5 year wedding anniversary week, I thought it fitting that Traveling Tuesday be about our honeymoon.  We went to a town in Germany called Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  That was our home base for 12 days.  We took a tour bringing us to Switzerland (most expensive grilled cheese of my life!), Austria, and Lichtenstein (and yes I paid to have my passport stamped because how many people have a Lichtenstein stamp in their passports), and visited a bunch of places within I’d say an hour of Garmisch.  One of the most memorable things we did was hike up a mountain to a restaurant called St. Martin’s Hutte JUST for the apple strudel!  The one tour planner where we were staying said so nicely and cheerfully, “oh it’s about a 45 minute walk up the mountain but the views are worth it and it’s the best apple strudel in Bavaria.”  One of my goals on our honeymoon was to eat strudel and a pretzel every day (and I did!) so that sealed the deal, we were going.  So Paul and I set out on this “easy” hike.  Well about an hour in to the hike after getting passed up by an 80 year old man with a walking stick who had barely broken a sweat and I was dying, I had had it (plus there were insane switchbacks).  I kept saying “this damn strudel better be worth it!!!”  (spoiler alert, it WAS worth it, so were the views!)  A nice surprise was about halfway up the mountain there was a pasture with cows grazing and a joint WWI and WW2 memorial which had the names of each townsperson who died during the war on a plaque.  It was really one of the more unique memorials I have seen.

War Memorial

War Memorial

Back to hiking, we eventually make it to St. Martin’s Hutte after an hour and a half of starting out, and the 80 year old man is already done with his beer and halfway through his meal.  He goes to us (really to me), “nice to see you made it.”  As exhausted as I was, I gathered the energy to order and eat their apple strudel, and it was SOOOO worth it!!!!!  As were the views!  We could see the WHOLE town from out table.  It was amazing!  Side note, I think it only took us 30 minutes to go back down the mountain.  Anyway, if you’re ever in Garmisch, DEFINITELY go to St. Martin’s Hutte but heads up, it’s a hike 🙂


Proof of deliciousness! I don’t actually have a before picture but I figure a demolished after picture is just as good.


The view from our table

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