Traveling Tuesday #2: Salisbury, England and Stonehenge

I’ve been extremely lucky in how extensively I’ve internationally traveled thus far in my life.  I’ve been able to visit 13 countries and live in 2 (besides America): Canada, Mexico, Greece (twice!), Turkey, France, Germany, England (twice!), Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Belgium, and Gibraltar!  One of the best perks of all my travels is that I can bring real pictures of the world (especially historic locations) to my students on a regular basis. I’ve shown them everything from Stonehenge and Ancient Olympia to a concentration camp and Eagle’s Nest, and a lot in between.  Side note, my trip to Stonehenge was where I took the picture that RebeccaB Designs magically turned into my amazing TpT logo 🙂  (click HERE to see her FANTASTIC TpT store)

Stonehenge, 2005

Stonehenge, 2005

One of my favorite parts of traveling internationally (other than the food) is that you can actually walk through and feel history.  Yes America has historical spots, but there’s a huge difference in going to a 100 year old location and an 800 year old location, let alone a place that is 2,000 years old.  To go somewhere that has been an operating restaurant and inn since around 1400 and still has original woodwork and furniture and paraphernalia inside is just amazing.  You can’t help but marvel that something has lasted so long despite the world continuing around it.  You can’t help but be amazed at what was accomplished pre-modern technology.  You really get some perspective when you walk through a door and sit on a bench that has seen who knows how many (millions of?) butts in its lifetime.  And not like 1 million people in a day in Times Square.  One million(isn?) representing the span of humanity for at least the last 615 years: a knight, a peasant, a monk, an archbishop, a lord, a king, a Prime Minister, a wheat farmer, the first person in the village to use a seed drill, the first family to own a radio, the first woman in the town to wear pants, a student from Indonesia, a photographer from Canada, etc.

Well, Salisbury is that place where you go back in time and can practically physically feel history all around you.  It is really close to Stonehenge and when you are in the town you feel like you are in a Medieval Village.  The farmer’s market is pretty much where it’s been for 1,000 years, some of the roads have barely been widened enough for one car to fit, the aesthetic of the town is as close to authentically Middle Ages Britain as the people of Salisbury have been able to keep it, and it’s really just incredibly picturesque.  I studied abroad in London during college and my day trip to Salisbury and Stonehenge was one of my favorite things I did all summer!  This minuscule sample of pictures can’t come close to doing it justice, so if you’re ever in the London area, take a day trip to Stonehenge and Salisbury and I guarantee you won’t regret it (if you like history, haha). Come back every Tuesday for Traveling Tuesdays.

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