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  1. It is too bad that teacher was not motivated to inspire learning. I can relate to feeling fearful of being called on… recalling facts (especially after reading a passage of text) was difficult for me in school and still is today! I tend to remember environmental details first over concrete details. I did very well in elementary school and not very well in high school– because the process of learning changed from hands-on exploration to just reading text. I only got good grades in high school classes with creative and relaxed teachers… who were also passionate about what they were teaching, like you are!

    Best wishes with your new teaching adventures!


  2. Thanks Laurie! It really is a shame that hands on learning in the secondary grades isn’t more widespread/utilized. I should have added that that teacher was replaced the next school year so for my last two years I thankfully had a phenomenal history teacher who brought out the best in each of us in class.


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