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10 Things About Me

I figured it was high time I give a little behind the logo information to you guys.  So here’s the first 10 things I thought of for a “who am I” type post (while still keeping some of it history related).

1.  I’m not an outdoorsy-naturey kind of person (really it’s the bugs I hate about being outside)

2.  I love pizza, french fries, sushi, Chinese food, and chocolate, but NOT chocolate ice cream

3.  I much prefer baking to cooking

4.  World War 2 is my favorite part of US History to teach

5.  The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment are my least favorite parts of World Civ to teach

6.  I probably watch too much TV

7.  I have always loved reading more than anything, and yes, I re-read books (and for my favorites I listen to the audio version too)

8.  My dream job growing up was to be a dolphin trainer

9.  Folding and putting away laundry is one of my least favorite chores (only beaten out by emptying our cat’s litterbox)

10.  I absolutely love teaching secondary history.  I’ve had other jobs, but I can’t picture myself doing anything other than teaching going forward.

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