Too Many Penguins on the Iceberg

too many penguins

Why is it that when I come up with one teaching idea that I’m soooo excited about I come up with 4 others at the same time!?  Then I ping pong back and forth working on them and even though I love them and am excited about them it takes me foreeeeeever to finish any of them.  I have been working on an activity about the Tower of London for MONTHS!!!  MONTHS!!!  And even though it’s one of my favorite places to visit in the whole world I can’t seem to focus on it because I also have an Anne Boleyn activity I’m working on (ps yes I looooooove the Tudors), and I’m also trying to finish a second activity for President’s Day (yes I’m planning in advance) and I found a great speech by Teddy Roosevelt on the meatpacking industry so I’ve been making an analytical reading activity for that, plus I’m lesson planning for my day job (part time though it is), plus I have these grand ideas about meal planning in advance, so these ping pong balls are just bouncing around in my head, hitting each other, and I can’t catch any of them (I think this is the longest sentence I’ve ever written, pardon it’s out of control-ness).

This is all not to mention the other ideas for lessons and activities I want to make that have been sitting in a word doc for months as just an idea, maybe two extra sentences to help me remember what I had thought of when I go to flesh it out (1968 American Crisis of Confidence, Cuban Missile Crisis, Women of American Wars, Sewards Folly, and so so so so SO much more!!!  Now in the meantime, I’ve made some other activities and gotten them posted, but these few that I thought of foreeeeever ago and have been working on regularly, are still open on my computer shaming me with their lack of completion.

So how did I deal with this last yesterday?  Denial.  I put my head in the sand a la my favorite political cartoon of all time, and I watched tv during my daughter’s nap AND with my husband after we ate dinner (even though both times my computer was open on my lap, the Tower of London staring me in the face).  How am I dealing with this now?  Writing this blog post.  My daughter is asleep and my husband is out.  I have no excuse to not bust my butt and get ONE of them finished, but nooooo, I’m procrastinating with the hopes that someone might read this who has also been in this position and we can virtually eat some ice cream together and commiserate.  I’ll be on my couch with chocolate chip cookie dough.

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