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Radio Silence and Big Changes are Coming!

I wanted to give you guys a quick update.  I’ll be going on radio silence for a little bit.  We are about to move from CA to TX and for the first couple of weeks my priorities will be unpacking, settling in, and exploring a new city.  That’s big change number 1.

Big change number 2 is that I will be teaching 6th grade geography, 7th Texas history, and 8th US history full time so I will have plenty of material for new posts.  I will certainly be sharing pictures of my classroom set up, decorations (I’m really excited about some I have from Elle Madison and Addie Williams), new organization systems, why we should study history, how I use one map in particular to get kids talking about perspective, and much more!!!

I hope you all have a great summer!!!  See you in August!

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  1. I moved from Texas to Colorado a little over four years ago. Sometimes I still find boxes that I never unpacked. (I think it’s time to send them to the Salvation Army). I’ve packed up my classroom too. It’s stored in my garage. Most of it will have to stay there because I’m moving from high school to middle school next year—eighth grade. Here’s to adventures for both of us!


    • My theory when we were packing up was if it was the first time I had seen it in 3 years it went to goodwill 🙂 That’s one nice thing about moving as frequently as we do, we can’t really let things build up in the house, and now we’re moving to a house that’s 1,000 sq ft smaller so we’ll get rid of even more as we unpack. It’s interesting that we’re both making the same teaching change! Good luck with your adventure!!!!!


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