Supporting Teachers After Disaster Hits

It seems like teachers, students, and schools have been getting hit by disaster after disaster lately.  Thankfully, I am part of an amazing community at Teachers Pay Teachers and we are always coming up with ways to help out and support where we can.

Tomorrow and Monday, 10 of us from different content areas will be donating our sales from specific resources to help teachers, students, and schools affected by the fires in Northern California.  Let’s recap:

  • When: Sunday October 15 – Monday October 16
  • What: Search for resources tagged #helpnorcal
  • To do: Buy one or more of the resources with the #helpnorcal hashtag

You can read more HERE or start shopping on TpT by searching for resources with #helpnorcal.


#helpnorcal: support students, teachers, and schools in Northern California affected by the fires by making purchases with resources with this specific tag

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